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About Us

I purchased 6 Angora Goats in September, 1999, and 3 more in October 2006, Thyme, Tern and Tiptoe, from Frances and Ian Mason

The goats, Jay, Lucy, who were both in kid, and 18 months old Merry and Myrtle (twins), Mistletoe, (hand reared triplet), and Marsh.  They all settled in very quickly and completely won our hearts, and those of everyone who came to visit them.
Jay and Lucy, angora goats

Even one little girl who had misheard them being called Mohair goats and was expecting them to be purple still thought they were very cute. (Mauve Haired Goats)

Collectively, they are very inquisitive, singly they are quite timid.
Mistletoe is always at the ready for any kind of adventure, although Tiptoe is a real pickle. The slightest gap in the fence and she is through if she is not immediately expelled the rest of the gang follow her lead and whatever tasty morsel they find, usually the nearest shrub or small tree is destroyed.

Despite this they are lovely animals, easy and gentle to handle and great fun to watch. They like to play, climb on things, and often have challenge matches butting each other, all very casual and friendly really. They do though spend most of their time eating and sleeping.

The goats are kept in at night and have free access to both shelter and field during the daytime.

Their fleeces are sheared off twice a year in March/April and September/October. I do use a professional shearer, to shear them but I chose to shear them myself during the Foot and Mouth outbreak which was quite an experience. They either behaved like startled fawns or played dead. Back breaking and exhausting work. It took me 2 days to shear them all. ( it takes the professional 2 hours )

I wanted to have an exclusively Minstead Mohair product, so I stock piled the fleeces for 2 years until I had enough to take to the Natural Fibre Company in Wales for individual processing. My third batch of milling has just been completed by Woolcount of Brecon. 

They do a fantastic job and I now have a range of carded fleece for spinning, singles yarn for weaving, double knit and arran weight knitting yarns. I dye some of these with
Omega Dyes and then sell the natural and coloured balls and skeins at local markets,  New Forest Producers Markets in Beaulieu, Lymington, Lyndhurst and Fordingbridge. Throughout the summer I attend with Frances and Ian Mason, Craft Carnival fairs, the New Forest Show and the Romsey Show, see the details on my 'Where to find me' page. 

I am still trying to move on to manufacturing exclusive mohair items, both garments and furnishings, woven, hand and machine knitted. So much to do and so little time to do it !

Celia Stanwick - spinning wheel


Telephone 02380 811522

Email info@minmo.co.uk

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