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The History of Mohair

Mohair is produced by Angora Goats and has been used for many centuries. It is even mentioned in biblical times.

The goats originated from Turkey. Turkey for many years was the sole producer of Mohair and prohibited the export of Angora Goats. It wasnít until settlers imported some goats to South Africa in 1839, then more goats were imported to the USA is 1849, that they then gradually began to spread around the world.

Once the herds had been established, selective breeding enhanced the quality of the fibre. Currently, South Africa, mainly in the Eastern Cape region, produces approximately 4,500,000 kilos per year and the USA, mainly in Texas, approximately 2,000,000 kilos.

Angora goats can now be found all around the world from Australia and New Zealand to Canada, China, South America, and Europe. Producing an estimated 10 Ė 10,500,000 kilos. per year. UK mohair production is currently around 25 tonnes per annum from a flock of between 4,000 - 6,000 animals. About 10 tonnes of this home grown product is used by the producers or sold to home spinners.

Mohair fleeces vary in quality, the best and finest fibre being kid mohair through to the stronger adult fibre. This versatile fibre can be made into many things from knitware to suitings, coats, scarves, shawls as well as blankets, curtains and furniture coverings. Mohair also has excellent absorption qualities and shrink resistant properties, which make it highly suitable for socks and it is also used to produce high quality carpets, rugs, ties and hand knitting yarns.

All mohair is lustrous with a wave in it rather than a tight crimp. It is well know for itís brilliance and excellent dyeing properties which coupled with itís other unique characteristics attracts it to designers and discerning buyers everywhere.

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